Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Us And The World

The world can sometimes be a horrible place.
People disrespect the ones they love.
Instead of helping by sending money to pay rent and bills, they wait until the other person blows their head off then spends that money to fly down and bury the person.
You see lovers beating each other, abandoning each other, hating each other, but staying together.

People don't ever really LISTEN anymore, they just hear.
People don't really SEE anymore, they just look.
WE THE PEOPLE, look past all the beauty in the world to the thing we want.
We take for granted the things we need to survive.

We give up on people and take words too seriously, or not seriously enough.
There is never a middle ground anymore, we separate ourselves from the world all together.
We all want to be different than who we really are.
We want to be prettier, skinner, have bigger boobs.
Different jobs, cars, houses, lovers, ect.

We NEVER really try anymore.
Divorce is an easy word now, we throw it around like a baseball.
Sex is hardly about passion or love, it is revolved around lust, desire, or need.

And LOVE, love is not usually enjoyed or held on to.
We hardly call or visit our children, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles anymore.
Our lives are more important.
And, instead of making a 5 to 10 minute phone call to just say "hi, I love you", we flip on the TV or pop in a video game.

We have forgotten about the important things in life, and we forgot to enjoy life.
And we don't live forever!

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