Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life Standing Still....

Sitting in the bathtub, trying to ignore the screams below.
I hear things being tossed around, loud bangs, a deep voice, hate, pain.
The door slams, garage opens, car pulls out, and from below she screams.
I jump up, wrap the towel around me, water dripping from all limbs and from my hair.
I unlock the door, swing it open, and dash down the stairs.

Suddenly, I stop at the stair case landing and stare.
I'm scared, I'm hurt.
I feel the world stop, I feel my heart beat, and I feel time go in slow motion.

I see red, and she is crying.
My knees get weak, and I drop to the ground.
I try to compose myself but I can't think.
I cry out to her, I crawl down the stairs gripping the towel with one hand.
I have to save her, she has to be ok.

The red slithers through the parts in the tile.
Thump, thump, heart.
Drip, drop, tears.
She is on her knees, trying to clean up the mess, not aware of her pain.
I wish this would go away, but she's alive, she is still here, I haven't lost her yet.
I still have time to save her.


Martina said...

this is going to be a song?

makes me shiver - very impressive. puh.

Lindsays said...

haha I havent thought of making it a song. More so just writing.. I could probably make it into song though, just have to work the lyrics a bit, and thank you :)