Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scared By You

You try to control my emotions,
the way I feel for you,
When will you understand,
Nothing will ever become of you and me,
You need to leave me alone.

You try to play a role in my life,
Like you are the man and I am your woman,
That will never be,
And you try and control me with your words,
and with your heart,
I wish you would see, it doesn't work.

Please leave me alone,
Go on with your life,
You scare me,
and silently threaten me.

I am scared but not so scared to not ask for help.

I can see your lies and they way you twist words,
I am not as dumb as I may seem,
I can see past you, and right through you, and I wont let you win.

You can leave and live your own life, because I don't want you around,
Your negative energy brings me down, pulls me apart,
and I have been trying too hard to see if there was any good in you.
I don't see any good in you, and I need to give that up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You are so Selfish,
All you think about is money and you!

You wonder why I left and what you did wrong,
maybe if you opened you re eyes you would see who you really are,
You and your friends have always been number one,
You make yourself seem like such a good guy,
but you can't wake up and make changes to make yourself a better person.

You bring me down, trying to rip me apart.
Go ahead, I'm done with you shit,
I'm moving on and I'm forgetting about the good,
You have left me with so much pain,
so much confusion, and so much regret.
I never believed in regret until I met you.

You have always had the easy road the one that takes you to where you want to go,
You have never had to work for anything, so you never even worked for us.

You pretend like you have no idea why I hurt and why I am mad,
You are an idiot,
think about what you said, think about the things you have done.
You don't say thank you, you don't say please,
You just expect things to work out your way,
and when they don't you act like a baby.

Wipe your tears, grow some balls, and be a man.
Or do you even know what it means to be a man?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what brings you around?

What is it that draws you to me?
What makes you need me?
You come when you want to and seem to disregard what I need.
You are selfish and self centered, consumed by yourself.
You look past everyone to stare in the mirror.

When things seem to go normal,
you up and leave,
no calls answered, no messages left, you are just gone.
I guess I'm not what you need right now,
I think I don't ever want to be what you need.

I wish you would leave for good,
shut the door, turn the lock, keep me out.
Don't come back, don't turn around.
Keep walking.

You have yourself, and that's all you'll need,
So don't drag me down anymore.

If you taught me one thing,
it was,
Not to trust my heart,
because it can't see past a mans bullshit.

I hope you are happy,
as a pawn in your game,
You will never be a king,
No matter how are you try,
because you can't even keep a queen,
and this is goodbye!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You're Gone

It's been a long time,
Since you left me,
and I've been waiting,
So patiently,
but you're still gone,
I haven't heard from you,

I miss you so much,
I wish you missed me too.

I thought we had something,
I thought we were something,
the way you kissed me,
the way you looked at me,
You made me feel special,
We made such sweet love,
We were once one,
and now we're unspun.

you once told me,
I was amazing,
You loved to watch me,
but what happened,
you just disappeared,
you took the good stuff,
and skipped the scene.


This seemed so Easy,
like the stars aligned,
just for you and me,
in our moment in time,
but now I'm left here,
bleeding tragedy,
all over this floor,
So whats wrong with me.

[chorus x's 2]

Friday, March 12, 2010

2 am heartbeat revisited

As we stand here, I'm wrapped in your arms,
It's 2am as you're holding me near,
believe it or not, I wish time would stop,
I've never had anyone make me feel this way.

You're amazing, You're like the stars in the sky,
As you hold me, on this January night.
You're amazing, You're the light in my life,
As you stand here, by my side.

You ask to keep me, but I'm already yours,
Since the first day I saw you, looking at me.
That's the day I, never wanted to say goodbye,
Because you were, already mine.


You stole my heart, from the first minute on,
You said you'd , do anything to prove everyone wrong,
cause I was worth it, and you're worth this song.
So let's burn like hell, until our fire is gone.

I guess regardless of whatever comes next,
You're amazing, and I'll never forget,
The night you held me, at 2am.
You kissed my forehead, I wished it would never end.

Yes you're amazing, and I'll always be yours,
And I've never anyone, make me feel this way.

Drinking You Away

Everything you said, keeps running through my head,
Maybe you were right,
Maybe black is white.

Maybe I'll never be good enough,
Maybe I'll never be smart enough,
Maybe I'll never be your type,
Maybe I don't give a shit tonight.

While my mind is on you,
I got you on my cross hairs on him,
While I finish my shot of Beam,
I'm planning my sin.


He's throwing me around, like you used to do.
He's ripping off my clothes, like you used to do.
He's kissing me up and down, like you used to do.
He's better than you, ever thought you were.

So bartender says last call,
I'm in the bathroom stall,
Hugging my man so tight,
chiseled out of porcelain white.


Everything you said, keeps running through my head
Maybe you were right,
Maybe black is white.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes people can make you feel empty and alone,
like they aren't listening, like they don't care.

Often times you can have a passenger in your car,
but feel as though you are driving alone on a dark road.

You can be walking down streets filled with people,
and not hear a sound.

Every word spoken is hollow, meaningless, and dead.
It's cold and harmless but still hurtful.


Then you begin to not listen to them,
You block out their words and their ideas,
You just want to be alone,
and feel as though you have for so long...so alone...for so long.

You dangle on the thought of their being more,
more love, more warmth, more compassion...
But you are alone and so are they,
even when you are right next to each other,
you both are so alone.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Blog

Hi to all my blog followers! So I have decided to make another blog. This one will stay up but I want to mainly focus on my lyrics and poems on this blog. I have started a Dating blog page basically about my dating experiences and my friends if they would like to share, dating websites, maybe some advice, from me or others, on dating, and other things that pertain to the single dating world. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while because I have gone on a lot of dates and I have so many friends that tell me relationship stories and dating stories that I think it may be fun to have this blog. The page it http://www.datecorner.blogspot.com/. You can feel free to send me stories you want posted but I will not include the real names of anyone that I post stories about unless they specifically tell me to share their names. I will be open with telling people if it was a date that I went on but I wont reveal the identity of my daters.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I'm sure I will. :)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Invisible Neglected Supporter

Sometimes she feels like the invisible supporter,
She is always there, supporting and lending an ear,
and when they ask for advice she gives it.

Sometimes when the table is turned,
There is no one there to support her,
She feels alone, unwanted.

She watches people choose these bad people,
these bad choices, over good choices and it hurts her,
it hurts her to see them fail, continually.
Even though they could pick the great potential choices,
they choose the ones that bring them down.

She tries to close her eyes, hide the bad, see past them.
She can't ever get "past them".
They are a part of her and always will be.
People tell her to separate herself from them,
"it's not your life, it's not your worry"
but regardless of what they say,
she continues to care.

She knows there has to be a point where she lets go,
She moves on,
She lets them have their life with out letting it destroy hers,
will she, can she find it?

Bad Days

Bad days are like car crashes at the end of a great day,
It's like the world stops moving for the brief second,
and the only thing you can see is negative situation,
nothing else.

Bad days wrap around your mind,
intermingling itself through out your blood cells,
controlling your body, your thoughts, your ideas.

Sometimes, bad days blind you,
Forcing you only to see the bad.
You walk past all the good and walk past all the beauty,
only seeing dark.

The bad days can make choices harder to make,
they can make the day seem long and endless,
and at times you will feel like the world is against you,
like no one care about you,
or even wants to help you.

Bad days suck, and the only way past them is the next day,
and hoping that the next day will be a good day.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day!