Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The holiday season is full of so many different people. Some are full of smiles and joy, while others are full of frustration and anger. I find it interesting how sometimes these people can immediately affect your mood and how you feel. You can be having such an off day, and with a simple smile feel as though your whole mood has been lifted.

Then there are those people who can bring you down just as instantly. The ones who knock you out of their way as they march down the streets. Those who are pulling their children by the arm to hurry as they yell profanities in hopes that will speed their children up; disgusting! Of course these people make you angry and at times I wish I could just sit these people down and make them open their eyes.

Happiness and joy can be made a choice. Everyone has their bad days; I know there are days I wake up and wish I didn't have to have any human contact. There are days I wish that every person that walked through my office would just slide me a paper filled out with whatever they wanted so I could get to their issue when I wanted to. Everyday, though, I choose to put on a smile and be happy. You can see people that are going through some of the hardest times still put a smile on. It absolutely amazes me that someone who has lost everything; loved ones, a home, a job, ect, can still be happy, while on the other hand someone who doesn't get the gift they want for Christmas will throw a huge fit.

Lately I have been told by many people how laid back I am and how it seems that I don't let much get to me. I never really thought about it until recently. I am glad I do, this is not a conscious choice but I am glad this is who I am. I enjoy life so much more and I love that I can be the person that makes someones day that much better.