Friday, February 12, 2010

Controlling Her

Walls come down around her, letting the darkness in to surround her.
She has her arms wrapped tightly around her scared knees,
Her heart is breaking as the tears are lingering on the way down her cheek.
She takes a deep breath, trying to hold back the hurt, the pain, the disappointment.

He always lets her down, never staying true to what he promises.
He doesn't respect her for who she is, he expects her to be who he wants.
Pointing out her flaws and "disfunctions", never seeing her beauty and heart.
Calling her names, beating her down, he controls what they are, and he controls who she will be.
She isn't alone in this world, but she is blinded by his wrath.
Too caught up to see past him, to the ones who accept who she is.
Friends begin to avoid her, to them she brings on depression and delusion.
They want her to leave, and they know it would be best but she continues to say.
She puts up with his abuse in more ways than one and can't break free.
She corners herself, leaving no way out, and she only cares for what they COULD have.
He promises change, he promises hope for the future, but he means nothing he says.
His selfish rage leaves no room for growth, and they are going no where, just a dead end road.

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