Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Last Two Days

It overwhelms me,
The people around me are opening my eyes,
Who can you trust anymore,
And is there such thing as love,
I don't know know that I believe there is.

Heartbreak, sadness, loneliness...
deceit, infidelity, spiteful...

You people break down our walls,
We open up,
We let you in,
And then when it all comes crashing down,
You leave us there and blame us.

We are better without you though,
We will push on,
We will be happy,
We deserve better,
And you are nothing to us anymore.

Selfish, hurtful, and now single.
You will never find happiness until you fix who you are,
And you will never be with anyone and until you open your eyes,
And learn to respect the ones that treat you right.

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Anonymous said...

wise wise...if only we listened! -Dh