Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scared By You

You try to control my emotions,
the way I feel for you,
When will you understand,
Nothing will ever become of you and me,
You need to leave me alone.

You try to play a role in my life,
Like you are the man and I am your woman,
That will never be,
And you try and control me with your words,
and with your heart,
I wish you would see, it doesn't work.

Please leave me alone,
Go on with your life,
You scare me,
and silently threaten me.

I am scared but not so scared to not ask for help.

I can see your lies and they way you twist words,
I am not as dumb as I may seem,
I can see past you, and right through you, and I wont let you win.

You can leave and live your own life, because I don't want you around,
Your negative energy brings me down, pulls me apart,
and I have been trying too hard to see if there was any good in you.
I don't see any good in you, and I need to give that up.

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