Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what brings you around?

What is it that draws you to me?
What makes you need me?
You come when you want to and seem to disregard what I need.
You are selfish and self centered, consumed by yourself.
You look past everyone to stare in the mirror.

When things seem to go normal,
you up and leave,
no calls answered, no messages left, you are just gone.
I guess I'm not what you need right now,
I think I don't ever want to be what you need.

I wish you would leave for good,
shut the door, turn the lock, keep me out.
Don't come back, don't turn around.
Keep walking.

You have yourself, and that's all you'll need,
So don't drag me down anymore.

If you taught me one thing,
it was,
Not to trust my heart,
because it can't see past a mans bullshit.

I hope you are happy,
as a pawn in your game,
You will never be a king,
No matter how are you try,
because you can't even keep a queen,
and this is goodbye!

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