Friday, March 12, 2010

2 am heartbeat revisited

As we stand here, I'm wrapped in your arms,
It's 2am as you're holding me near,
believe it or not, I wish time would stop,
I've never had anyone make me feel this way.

You're amazing, You're like the stars in the sky,
As you hold me, on this January night.
You're amazing, You're the light in my life,
As you stand here, by my side.

You ask to keep me, but I'm already yours,
Since the first day I saw you, looking at me.
That's the day I, never wanted to say goodbye,
Because you were, already mine.


You stole my heart, from the first minute on,
You said you'd , do anything to prove everyone wrong,
cause I was worth it, and you're worth this song.
So let's burn like hell, until our fire is gone.

I guess regardless of whatever comes next,
You're amazing, and I'll never forget,
The night you held me, at 2am.
You kissed my forehead, I wished it would never end.

Yes you're amazing, and I'll always be yours,
And I've never anyone, make me feel this way.

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