Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes people can make you feel empty and alone,
like they aren't listening, like they don't care.

Often times you can have a passenger in your car,
but feel as though you are driving alone on a dark road.

You can be walking down streets filled with people,
and not hear a sound.

Every word spoken is hollow, meaningless, and dead.
It's cold and harmless but still hurtful.


Then you begin to not listen to them,
You block out their words and their ideas,
You just want to be alone,
and feel as though you have for so alone...for so long.

You dangle on the thought of their being more,
more love, more warmth, more compassion...
But you are alone and so are they,
even when you are right next to each other,
you both are so alone.

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