Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You wear a ironed on smile every time you pass by,
I see you, and get goosebumps with every fictitious lie.
You pretend to know and like everyone,
Then you turn around and pretend to dislike me,
just to fit in.

You are no better than everyone else,
in fact you make yourself worse.
Being "cool" is a game to you,
Being "known" is a part of your life.
But your age weighs you down,
and you look like a god damn fool.

You are tied down by your appearance,
refuse to dissolve what weighs you down,
what goes around comes around,
I can't say I won't laugh a little inside,
to you see you crumble and fall,
and possibly alone.
At the same time,
I feel a little bad,
but I won't reach out to help you,
You have to learn to help yourself first.


Anonymous said...

I like it, a lot. Dj Thump

Lindsays said...

Thanks dear!