Thursday, March 18, 2010


You are so Selfish,
All you think about is money and you!

You wonder why I left and what you did wrong,
maybe if you opened you re eyes you would see who you really are,
You and your friends have always been number one,
You make yourself seem like such a good guy,
but you can't wake up and make changes to make yourself a better person.

You bring me down, trying to rip me apart.
Go ahead, I'm done with you shit,
I'm moving on and I'm forgetting about the good,
You have left me with so much pain,
so much confusion, and so much regret.
I never believed in regret until I met you.

You have always had the easy road the one that takes you to where you want to go,
You have never had to work for anything, so you never even worked for us.

You pretend like you have no idea why I hurt and why I am mad,
You are an idiot,
think about what you said, think about the things you have done.
You don't say thank you, you don't say please,
You just expect things to work out your way,
and when they don't you act like a baby.

Wipe your tears, grow some balls, and be a man.
Or do you even know what it means to be a man?

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