Monday, May 31, 2010


It's weird the type of pull you have on me,
and to be honest,
I'm tired of love,
I'm tired of thinking I can be with someone and make it work.

I feel scared at the possibilities of you and I,
You are beautiful,
and I feel you completely,
everything about you,
your sadness, happiness, your heart,
you're amazing.

I can't believe what you do to me,
The way you make the world stop,
the way i just want to be with you until the night ends,
I long to have you hold me.

Your voice comforts me and I feel safe and secure around you,
even when you say or do things that drive me crazy,
I still am pulled towards you.

You have now made my life a little more complicated,
but I like it,
I like you,
and even if nothing ever happens,
I think I could be ok with that,
Just as long as I can hold on to the way you make me feel.

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