Thursday, April 29, 2010

Circled by a selfish world

A realization about people has struck me,
People can be selfish and self centered,
Focused on their own life and their own outcomes,
Forgetting about those around them,
and the respect others deserve.

People like this can make you feel worthless,
easily sacrificed,
I guess in a sense,
when put in that position,
You are in the end,
giving that person the happiness they are looking for,
giving them their own self satisfaction,
just by standing still and accepting their bull shit.

Do people change?
Do people even care to want to be good to those around them?
Sometimes I feel like questions like that don't exist in a self immersed world.

So many times have I been told:
"forget about them, they wouldn't be there for you",
"worry about yourself, no on else REALLY cares",
ect. ect. ect.
I continue to lend a hand out,
be the shoulder to lean on,
catch those when they fall,
yet here I am sprawled on the ground,
looking straight through the double sided mirror,
I see them, I scream, I wave, I reach out,
Yet they walk on past.

It can be a sad world when a heart is empty,
and when a soul is cold.

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