Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Let Down

The feeling is sensational,
The way someone can make you feel amazing,
butterflies fluttering in your stomach,
Smiles elongated across your face,
Rosy cheeks, and bright eyes,
Everything feels right.

Then the day comes,
The spit in the face,
The fall from the clouds,
Push down the stairs,
Rain drops from the heavens.
They let you down.

You had let yourself go,
Gave it a chance,
Put faith in trying...one more time,
Now you're left all alone,
Knees tucked into chest,
Tears trailing across your skin.

Maybe you aren't so much sad,
More so confused...
Thoughts linger through your mind,
Your body shows confusion,
Lost faith, lost hope, lost trust, lost drive.

Letting go maybe be easy,
but moving on is hard.

Forgetting all those feelings isn't as hard as you though,
but getting them back is harder than you remember.

Lust and love are no longer good feelings,
they turn into dreams, lies, and wishes.

The let down, the break up, the split...
The end.

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