Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pike Street for Lunch

Seattle makes me feel so comfortable. I am not sure what it is about this city but it just feels right sometimes. There are times when it's cloudy and chilly, and all I want is sun; but I love the the people the swarm the city. Today for lunch my roommate and I went down to Pike St. for lunch. We decided to have lunch at a little hot dog stand, and of course didn't have cash. My immediate thought was that the hot dog man would be rude and ask us to come back when we got money, but I was wrong. He was so sweet about the situation, directing us to the bank of America while he state, "Tell me what you two ladies want and it will be ready for you when you get back."

We ran off the to the Bank of America, pulled out our money and dashed back. We both were chatting up about how nice the hot dog man was. We got back he asked if we wanted grilled onions and our spicy sausages were ready. Which by the was were absolutely delicious. They were a light red, Louisiana sausage on a large bun, overflowing with onion and spicy mustard. As I reach over to put more mustard on, my nice, black high heels get caught in the grate surrounding the hot dog stand. My roommate laughed at me as I stood on my tip toes, and the hot dog man made a comment about getting caught so I could spend the day with him selling hot dogs.

As I got ready to tiptoe my way out of the grate, a lady stopped me to take a picture of my situation. I laughed a little and I tried to stand as still as a statue so she could get a shot of my nice shoes being practically entangled in metal. It was almost so natural for all of us around to laugh and smile at the situation. This is one of the many things I love about Seattle. Not everyone is as relaxed and friendly but it seems like there are a lot more down to earth people in this city and these people in Seattle are the reason I enjoy the city the most.

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