Thursday, January 28, 2010

"He is just not that into you Lindsay"

11:45, I receive a text from a friend of mine:
Friend: Hey you awake?
Me: yes, what's up?
Friend: umm..well...I think I may be locked out. And guess who has my spare?
Me: Ok are you in the building now?
Friend: Ya...I'm going to look for my key out in my sisters care...but I may need a couch to crash on?
Me: ok or I can get you a key out of my office lol
Friend: OH that's right for some reason I thought u didn't have one but duhhh how would you do utility reads. haha, Hopefully I will find it and not need your help. How are you? Whats the word on *man I am dating*?
Me: ugh idk we haven't texted in two days havent talked in four, I dont get him
Friend: Ugh Lindsay I'm afraid he' just not that into you. I was reading that book today. I
realized it about my boyfriend too. UGGGGHHH
WOW! I think she is right...He isn't that into me, because like the books states; "he's just not that into you if he's not calling you". Wait, actually I can fit this dating relationship into TWO chapters. Title number two is; "he's just not that into you if he' not asking you out". So basically my dating life with this man has been addressed in the first two chapters of this book...wonderful!

So after reading introduction to chapter one and two, she so thoughtfully picture mailed me, and thinking to myself it's true; I came to my senses and realized, "wtf am I doing?" These signs are signs all girls should know and if they don't well then they are dumb so why do I keep calling him. Even though for me it feels like it is worth it, it obviously isn't worth it to him, so Lindsay, leave him be and move on!

And, I am doing just that :)!

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