Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love in Movies and Love in Reality

Little girls are raised on movies like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, brought up to believe that true love exists and there is "the one". As a little girl gets old the theme never really changes the movies just mature. We start getting movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days and P.S. I Love You. Our expectations become outrageous and we start to think that love should be the way movies portray love and that there is "the perfect man". Just saying "perfect man" makes me laugh. There is no such thing as perfection and through dating, I have realized that those that try to be perfect make me bored and uninterested. You are who you are! Why hide it and pretend to be something you aren't only to later on disappoint this other man or woman that you gave false hopes to.

Love seems to be something that is determined through time and growth with another person. A feeling of belonging with that person, someone you think about often, and cant wait to hear from. These feelings can dwindle and can fade but with some work you can make it strong and keep the love going, you can honestly make almost anything work if both parties are willing to make it try. Love isn't a happy ending or a happily ever after, no one finds that knight in shinning armour or princess. We created these story out of lustful feelings, giving people the feeling that there is something better out there for them.
You can meet someone who makes you feel something that no one has made you feel before. You can meet someone who makes you nervous, someone who gives you butterflies. Someone you feel like you could spend your life with, or most of you life with happily. Then something changes or things become confusing. They say one thing but act another way. It makes love difficult to figure out, and in a smaller perspective it makes someones outlook on a relationship more complicated.
I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about the movie The Notebook. She explained to me that after watching it, she felt that she wasn't in love with her husband anymore. Not blaming the movie so much but feeling that her relationship had so many flaws and so little love. Maybe these movies help remind us of how love used to be, before you could meet someone online with a click of your mouse, or before technology took over peoples lives. People back then seemed to really love and stay together longer than people in our times do. Not that it was better then, and not that there aren't people now that love like that. I think that's actually what makes it harder for someone not to believe these movies, because love that is in these movies, well, it does exist in real life. People do fall head over heels in love and would do anything for the person they have these feelings for. People long for that look, that feeling. I know I do. As much as I find these movies and love stories to be so cliche and fake, I like everyone else, believe they can exist. I believe you can find someone that makes you feel a certain way and makes you want to open up your heart and explore life with and possibly be with forever. I have felt this way, I wont disclose when or where or who, but I have.
Someone who makes you not want anyone else, someone who makes you only want them.

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