Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Fedex Man

So I have been working at The Dover for about 3 months. I have seen many different delivery guys come through day to day delivering packages. There is this one particular man that works for Fedex that comes by my office daily. It just started randomly. He would come in to drop off a package and chat with me, and then it turned into him just coming in to see me, no package in hand. Now it has recently turned into a daily drop by during breaks to chat.

He asked me today what my type of guy was. So I briefly explained what I liked in a man, but refraining from any major details. He has often asked me to do lunch with him or asks if we could work in some cuddle time during a movie and I just laugh. He is very good looking though. Darker skin, kind of scruffy, cute New York accent, and very funny personality. He makes it fun to flirt and it makes me blush that he comes in so often to see me.
He asks me new questions every day and the fact that someone is trying so hard to get my attention makes me smile. It seems like most men I date leave me in charge to pursue them and that just is no fun. I am not expecting some guy to crawl after me and I am not asking someone to go out of their way everyday for me but it is just impressive when someone does. It makes you rethink the guys you have been dating or chasing after.
I think the smoothest line he used on me was today. We were talking about when he moved here and how he wants to move back to New York and said, "well maybe you can make me want to stay." I just laughed and blushed a bit, because it was the cheesiest line I have ever heard. It was still fun though. The fedex guy...

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