Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday in Seattle 10/21/09

She lays there, appearing to be drained of life. Her hands hang over the edge of the bed and her head sinking into her pillow. She stares blankly at the ceiling, not blinking once. He leans against the wall as he takes a large breath of air and buries his face into his hands. Nothing is said for a while, only the sound of footsteps from outside seem to fill the room. He pushes him self off the wall with his tear soaked hands, stepping towards where she lays and begins to speak, " I am..." then his voice drifts off into the distant halls as he bites his lip thinking of what to say.

She then closes her eyes and one tear slides down her cheek to the pillow, she is holding back her emotions and he can see in her eyes that she wants him to leave so she can release what she is holding inside.

"I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I swear it meant nothing." He finally chocks out the words, and his voice shaking as he tries to look her in the eyes.

Still silence, he just stares at her and she just stares at the wall. Nothing at this moment in time could make her feel less wanted. She now starts to believe everything said about failed relationships and so call "true love" and how its not real.

He tries to get closer and pull her stare from the wall, then he slowly lowers his eyes to the ground and drags his feets as he exits the room. There is nothing that he can say, nothing that he can do. She feels empty and alone.

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not.this.lifetime said...

Funny, I just posted something similar. I'm hoping you don't feel alone anymore. Maybe this is you looking back?