Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craziness in Seattle

So, just recently we had an apartment break in where I live. Very scary actually. The person broke on to the roof and stole a check book from the apartment and then got blood on the wall of the fifth floor as he tried to break into another apartment. I honestly thought finding who did this would be completely hopeless. No one saw anything or heard anything!

This same guy as leaving my building proceeded to get blood on the wall by the entrance and pull our plant completely out of the pot out front and drug it almost to the street. Which on my own I couldnt get the plant back in the pot, I had to get a manly hand to help.

Anyway, so like I said, this was going to be a waste of time for anyone trying to figure out who did this. Lucky for us, this person isnt very smart. So, this gentleman stole the guys check books and made checks out to himself and deposited them in his own account. When the resident came down to show me the checks i realized this guy lived in the apartments I rented. I wanted to laugh very hard because I see this guy everyday and he pretty much put a stamp on his forhead turning himself in.

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