Monday, April 20, 2009


I find it sad that happiness can be found in separation and in parting ways. Those two words seem sad and distant. How does time change something so much so that it no longer is what it once was, and how does time pull two people apart from where they once started. I can see how this is the right thing and i can see how time has changed us both but it is hard to see when it started and how it happened. I know you think this is easy for me but it isn't. I know i will have days of loneliness and fear but i know that if you can be happy, i don't want to take anything away from you to get you where you need and want to be. I dont want to hold you back from who you are and all you could be. Regardless of what we go through and what else changes with us. I love you and will always keep you in my heart. You know more about me than most people know about me and i respect you completely.

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