Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Past

So I wrote some stuff a while back like 5 years ago but I wanted to share it.

Never Gone

It will always be there now. The words he spoke linger in their halls. Every room has a bad memory except for her and her brothers. Those are the only places she can go to get away. Every time she hears breaking dishes or loud bangs it brings back all the fighting and yelling she has endured. It won't go away. Every hole in the wall imprints the hate and even after the anger is covered up, you an still see the fear.

She tries to bring happiness by being more upbeat but the discomfort of her mother brings her fathers roaring thunder. She turns the bath water on and lets it run through the drain, drowning out the screams below. Tiptoeing to her bedroom she turns on the radio until the noises subside. The words they shouted play over in her head. Every hateful word they said leaves so much anger and pain. She dreads every argument counting down the years, months, and days until she leaves.

Holding her brothers in her arms and closing her eyes, trying to get away form this hell. Her brother gently wipes the tears that slowing fall down her cheek. Tenderly, she tucks her brothers into bed and the sleep until early morning. When they wake all the fear is gone, only to know it will begin again later on.

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