Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He is the one

The snow settled on the hard, frozen ground. She softly brushed her hair away from her dark, ocean blue eyes and smiled. She had longed to hear his voice since the first time she saw him. Her stomach felt as though millions of butterflies were flying inside. She never felt this emotion before and she continued to try and tell herself this emotion isn’t real. How could someone so amazing exist in a world where she had felt so alone and helpless for years? How could one man complete her life? She took a deep breath as her faced glowed of affection and love. She dreamed to be in his arms and to hold him near. Her heart was beating heavily and she couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore. She closed her eyes, leaned forward to kiss his soft, tender lips. When she got ready to embrace his kiss she opened her eyes and he was gone. She sat up out of bed and looked around frantically for the man her heart longed to be with. She let herself fall to her pillows as she came to a realization…it was all just a dream.

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