Friday, June 4, 2010

Lonliness that Can't be Fixed

She gets dressed up to make a scene,
Procrastinating all her daytime deeds,
Her stilettos are on and stockings pulled tight,
She's ready to take someone home tonight.

She presses the red coloring to her lips,
Paints her face of different colors,
All just to stand out to the crowd.

Strutting in she makes her marks,
Deciding who will be her prey,
She belong to no one right now,
And She makes it known.

The night is young and she poisons her body,
Every alcohol to help her forget,
Every drug to help her accept.

When the night is done,
She's met her "match".
She drags him to her car,
Takes him for a drive,
She's ready to finish the night.

He lays her down and pulls her around,
She isn't herself,
but she is happier this way.

The blur of the night is done,
She looks to her right,
He pulls up his jeans,
Kisses her forhead goodbye.

No number on the table,
Nothing in the phone,
Just one night of fun,
And once again she's alone.