Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pushing through the hard times

I’m on my last dime, trying to find a way to provide.

Watching my son play in the corner oblivious to change,

I wish I could be everything to him,

But I feel worthless, worthless and incompetent

Friends try to hold me high telling me I will survive,

Others turn their heads, walk away when I put out my hand

I learned quickly, who will be the one I can turn to ,

Sadly friends will be lost, when I get through this.

G-D-C-EM or G-D-EM-C

I just got to keep on pushing through these hard times,

Things won’t get better if I don’t try.

With the bad times always come the good times

I am learning to appreciate what I have.

Barely food on the table, losing my house, losing my car,

Holding tight to what I have left,

Time goes slower when you have nothing left

I just keep looking for that small ray of light.

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