Friday, October 8, 2010

Seriously irritated with people

I have come to a point where I am done with dramatic. annoying people. I am tired of people who make a huge deal out of something when it is equally their fault as well, well whatever the outcome was. On top of that i am tired of men in general making me feel like a piece of shit. Yes I may be called "passive aggressive" or possibly even "cold-hearted". To be honest the passive aggressive comes from dealing with men that have glass hearts and can't seem to take things with out making a huge deal out of EVERYTHING. I would rather face someone face to face and try to avoid confrontation and hurt feelings. Right now i just really need to vent because I'm fucking tired of it. I am a person also, so instead of thinking of yourself maybe actually call me up and talk to me and ask me what i am thinking because honestly I am a fucking nice person and I do the most i can to try and make people happy and people like you just bring me down. So it comes down to saying good bye and fuck you to those few I have held on to for way to damn long.

I wont be here when you say sorry for the millionth time. I'm done trying to make you happy and make sure you are taken care of, just move on with you life and possibly forget we ever had anything intimate because I am trying to do that myself and at times some of you make me wish I would have never met you.

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