Thursday, August 19, 2010

This world, that world, our world

It never comes with a reason,
The way things happen,
The good,
The bad,
The things that make your stronger,
The things that make you weaker.

Holding back from those things you need,
Go after the things you want,
We can't describe our irresponsibility's,
Why we leave our friends in the dust,
For something we "think" might be love,
but it's lust.

We are scavengers for ourselves,
and leave behind those that matter,
Through time some of us grow,
and some of us learn,
That there is more to life that what can be seen.

If you look at certain people,
You can see they see the world spinning around them,
Life revolving around what they call living,
Then you can look at another person,
See how they view the world differently,
They try and connect with the world,
The people,
The love,
The hate,
For everyone.

It is honestly not something we can ever get ride of,
As much as we try,
We write,
We sing,
We paint,
We create,
Something that bring to light the negativity's of this world,
These things wont change,
We will always have someone,
Who we are fighting to help the rediscover,
What "we" see fit in life.

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