Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You are so fickle,
you jump in and out,
Pretending to understand what you are doing.

You spit our hypocrisies,
Jumping from side to side,
never really knowing where to land.

You frustrate me,
To the point where I don't even want you around,
I don't want to see you,
Talk to you,
Touch you.

You are a cluster fuck of emotions,
You drown yourself in loneliness,
Never even a glimpse outside,
Never, really, opening your eyes.

Yet you speak of wanting more,
Someone who completes you,
You will never find completion while locked up in your darkness.

You say you don't like most people,
I think the problem is most people can't even like you,
They try to open you up,
See you and be a part of your life,
but all you do is push everyone away.

How can you ever have anything, when you won't let anything in?

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